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Student Life 8.HEIC

Why We're Different

Discover the History, Vision, and Mission of Community School

Covenant Community School is a vision-oriented school that desires to partner with the community of local families in their child’s spiritual growth, educational growth, and personal growth.

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Why We're Different

Our History

Covenant Community School was founded in 2005 by Frank and Cindy Soucinek. Their desire was to create a school environment for their four children that mirrored the biblical principles instilled in their home and church community.  Although Covenant Community School was birthed out of personal need, it became a passion of Frank and Cindy to provide the same opportunity to other families in their local community. They are a school where children can learn and grow not only in the classroom but in their every day walk with God. Since 2005, Covenant Community School has seen hundreds of children’s lives changed. From graduates achieving their dream careers, to countless children growing closer in their relationships with God, Covenant Community School is positioning students to win in every area of life.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Covenant Community School to partner with a community of local families in the Lake City area by helping to define the God-given call on a child’s life, to provide an education that touches a child in the classroom with high academic excellence and strong Christian values. We will teach Godly life application principles using the Word of God as the basis of all truth.

Getting Started

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Why We're Different

Our Mission

Our mission is to complete the vision of Covenant Community School by partnering, defining, providing, and teaching using God’s Word as the basis of all truth. As we complete this mission we will develop moral maturity and academic excellence in our future leaders, so they may fulfill a lifetime of personal achievement.

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